Simian : Never Be Alone

They're back and they're dangerous...

OK, the artwork of their last album ‘Chemistry Is What We Are’ might have suggested that they spent their spare time welding goats to dogs, but psychedelic loners [a]Simian[/a] never seemed [I]dangerous[/I]. Until now. See, [a]Simian[/a], like the average maturing freak, have developed full-on psychosis. “[I]We! Are! Your! Friends! You’ll never be alone again![/I]” they bark, which might be nice if it wasn’t delivered with the urgency of a stalker’s hug. Once upon a time, if you found them going through your rubbish, you’d guess they were looking for something to smoke or to sample: now, you’d just call the police. Get this single off them before they get banged up, though.

Victoria Segal