The Polyphonic Spree : Hanging Around

A Swingle Singers for the Tiga & Zyntherius generation...

Composing a telephone-directory-sized rider for selected venues around the country as you read this, it’s The [a]Polyphonic Spree[/a]: twenty-five happy-clappy freakoid motherfuckers filled so full of goddamn optimism it makes you sick. Splendidly, though, ‘Hanging Around’ is a minor work of white magic wonder – a fantasy-land symphony as much influenced by Walt Disney as it is Wayne Coyne, evoking a meadow full of lyre-strumming centaurs and horn-tooting elves. Still, at some point, the [a]Polyphonic Spree[/a]’s record company is going to realise that given the right drugs, [a]Grandaddy[/a] could sound like this with five members, and plan some serious cost-cutting. Watch yourself, tambourine-basher – no-one’s indispensable.

Louis Pattison