Low : Canada

...whatever these motherf---ers from heaven do, beauty is a given...

Clearly inspired by The Datsuns’ fine example, the habitually quiet [a]Low[/a] return with something of a rock [I]divertissement[/I]. Okay, there’s little in the way of hair-shaking riffs and surgically applied demin, but considering [a]Low[/a]’s records traditionally bring all the noise of a small mouse yawning, ‘Canada’ is almost painfully loud. Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker interweave their magical vocals and cryptic lyrics over a drone so electrifying it should have a ‘Warning: Danger Of Death’ sign slapped on it, a glorious emotional smoulder that threatens to break into a full-on rock’n’roll inferno at any second. It’s followed by a wonderful maypole-dancing cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Fearless’, but whatever these motherf—ers from heaven do, beauty is a given.

Victoria Segal