Idlewild : Live In A Hiding Place

It potters on aimlessly, but charmingly so...

Aww, [a]Idlewild[/a], haven’t they done well? Bless. With their floppy fringes and battered cords, they give us another beauteous rumble from the abundant emotional jungle that is ‘The Remote Part’. Scarpering bassist aside, [a]Idlewild[/a] are still shamelessly plundering The [a]Smiths[/a] and REMs temporal lobes but, being the loveable gentlemen thieves they are, no-one minds in the slightest. This delicate mini-marathon of a song is so fragile it’s on the verge of breaking. It potters on aimlessly, but charmingly so – the aural equivalent of your granddad tinkering in the shed of a warm autumn afternoon. A world away from their crazy pisshead anarcho Brit punk of a few years back, but just as essential.

Leonie Cooper