Groove Armada : Purple Haze

It's like a disease, I tell you...

Guitars are back! Look! Even yuppie electronica trailblazers [a]Groove Armada[/a] are using a hoary old Status Quo sample from 1970 that sounds like a lost Datsuns studio outtake. It’s like a disease, I tell you. And, along with ‘Purple Haze’s avalanching beats and sly drug references (“[I]IT ALL MAKES SENSE AFTER THE ‘SHROOMS AND THE PURPLE HAZE![/I]” bellow Kentucky hip-hoppers Nappy Roots at the top of their voices), GA’s employment of wah-wah will do little to please the bodywarmer clad, all-terrain pram pushing dullards who actually buy their records. The fact that in 1997 this music was called Big Beat and it was the listening option of deluded Student Union caners nationwide doesn’t help either.

Pat Long