Raging Speedhorn : Fuck The Voodooman

Nasty, brutish and short

The most unpleasant band in music have made a single to match. Nasty, brutish and short (2 mins 12 seconds), it’s got about as much finesse as a party thrown by Michael Barrymore for Ulrika Jonsson’s ex-boyfriends. But sometimes you just want a bit of brute force, and [a]Raging Speedhorn[/a]


A combination of death metal growling and wrecking-ball riffage, ‘Fuck The Voodooman’ couldn’t be more insistent if its intro was accompanied by the lovely [a]Raging Speedhorn[/a]

themselves swinging through the window and ramming the CD down your throat. It’s also strangely heartwarming to see that heavy metal’s attachment to the occult survives after all these years, even after Ozzy Osbourne’s famous quote about black magic: “I prefer Milk Tray.”

Alex Needham