Interpol : Obstacle 1

...remarkably self assured...

Plucked from the recent ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ album, Interpol’s latest is a remarkably self assured effort. Forget those [a]Joy Division[/a] comparisons, though: ‘Obstacle 1”s choppy bassline and singer Paul Banks’ swooning are most reminiscent of those embarrassing spent forces Suede. It’s roughly the same formula: threadbare black charity shop suits denoting faded glamour and art school cred. Cheekbones. Sense that the sum of their influences extends further than that of [a][/a]. Indeed, Interpol are the kind of band you can imagine watching a lot of European cinema. The drawback? For such an avowedly aesthetic bunch of chaps, ‘Obstacle 1’ is ever-so-slightly lacking in lyrical grace: “[I]Her stories are boring and stuff/she’s always calling my bluff[/I]” just won’t do.

Pat Long