Harcourt, Ed : Still I Dream Of It/The Ghosts Parade

Harcourt is no Brian Wilson. He's not even Mike Love

‘Still I Dream Of It’ is a pointless cover of an obscure Brian Wilson song. Pointless because, well, Harcourt is no Brian Wilson. He’s not even Mike Love. Plus, like most of Wilson’s songs it’s so sappy it sounds like it should be made of snowflakes, Toblerone and puppy dimples. Or something. Anyway, our Ed has a hearty crack, but it’s several notches below captivating. ‘The Ghosts Parade’ is better, mainly because it’s one of Harcourt’s own songs and fits his voice more snugly. You have to wade through 90 seconds of syrupy piano tinkling and clockwork beats to get far enough to realise this, though, and are excused for just not bothering in the first place.

Pat Long