Minogue, Kylie : Come Into My World

..basically a perfunctory rehash of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’...

Let’s face it, ‘Come Into My World’, which is approximately the twenty-seventh single from Ms Minogue’s trillion-selling ‘Fever’ album, is basically a perfunctory rehash of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, surely released just to squeeze a little more cash from the World’s Most Famous Pair Of Buttocks. This, then, is primarily of interest for the fantastic Fischerspooner remix on the DVD format, which eschews the original’s pulsing [a]Kraftwerk[/a]-down-G-A-Y production for a dirty analogue bassline that sounds like ‘Emerge’ on steroids. For Minogue, a frisson of nouveau-electro cool, for Messrs Fischer and Spooner, a glitter-spangled calling-card to the Top 40 that reads “Look! We still exist!”. And for us, an essential purchase.

Louis Pattison