Murderdolls : Dead In Hollywood

...this is preposterous, tacky and horribly entertaining...

A tad late for Halloween, admittedly, but Slipknot chump Joey Jordison’s glam-metal side project deserve a mention here purely for ‘Dead In Hollywood”s deathless opening couplet. “[I]Hey Frankenstein/What’s on your mind?[/I]” wail these bondage-goth scarecrows like the missing link between Motley Crue and Marilyn Manson- Marilyn Manson. Better still is the B-side ‘Let’s Fuck’, an astonishingly rudimentary thrash with someone shouting “[I]I don’t want to meet your mum and dad/Unless you let me fuck your mum and dress your dad up in drag[/I]” over the top. Ho ho. Like a spandex ‘n’ stack heeled Sunset Strip take on those shonky old ’50s monster movies, this is preposterous, tacky and horribly entertaining. But are we laughing with them or at them?

Pat Long