Aqualung : Good Times Gonna Come

...when prog beckons, these sombre Londoners’ heed its call...

They may share their name with the title of a Jethro Tull album, but Aqualung have thus far avoided the pratfalls of prog-rock, shunning the genre’s tights and flagons of mead for the comfortable trousers and liver salts of hushed, pop-kissed introspection.

Still, when prog beckons, these sombre Londoners’ heed its call. For here, direct from the Slightly Pompous Ballad department of their debut album, comes a woozy piano waltz of stately proportions. Latent theatricality abounds, as does death-march drumming and the scowling spectre of ‘OK Computer’. “[I]It’s alright[/I]” gulps singer Matt Hales, modestly. To which we can only reply; have some self-respect, sir! It’s quite good and you know it!

Stephen Dalton