Pink : Family Portrait

...unashamed telethon-rock...

God, if [a]Pink[/a] continues on this trajectory of gloom she’ll be covering [a]Joy Division[/a]’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ by January. No longer interested in getting a party of any sort started – except maybe a wake – she seems to have slumped into terminal misery, weighted down by the albatross she’s borrowed off Korn. ‘Family Portrait’ is unashamed telethon-rock, destined to soundtrack every Children In Need from now until Doomsday – [I]”Mama, please stop cryin’/I can’t stand the sound… Daddy, please don’t leave”[/I] she weeps over a lachrymose R&B stomp as everyone listening loses the will to live.

It’s all very well wanting to be seen as a serious artist but really, does she have to be so [I]serious[/I] about it?

Victoria Segal