Valance, Holly : Naughty Girl

...neither naughty nor nice...

It all started so well for Holly: the hilariously outre sex-in-the-Casbah dance routines; the irresistible glam-pop hit; the Kylie-style peepshow drapery. Then her stylists decided to remodel her as Bo Duke’s kissing cousin and her whole career started to look as classy as yesterday’s Page Three. [I]”I’ve been a naughty girl/A real bad so-and-so/Done too many things a girl shouldn’t know”[/I] she coos unalluringly on this drearily suggestive, negligee-thin chart fluff. What could she be talking about? Could…[I]sex[/I] be involved? Still too wholesome to be the low-rent Christina Aguilera – and let’s face it, anyone attempting [I]that[/I] would be no friend of the vice squad – unfortunately Holly is neither naughty nor nice.

Victoria Segal