Playgroup : Bring It On/Front 2 Back

...warm, messy and very much alive...

All-round man about town Trevor Jackson has had a finger in more pies than James Dean Bradfield. From acid house to electroclash, he’s been there, remixed that, [I]and[/I] designed the T-shirt. His musical collective [a]Playgroup[/a] is a love-in between Trevor’s many favourite genres. ‘Bring It On’ involves riot grrl yelping from Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna and dustbin-rattling punk funk drums while ‘Front 2 Back’ is what used to be called hip house for a fortnight in 1989. But hey, labels are for corpses, baby – [a]Playgroup[/a] are warm, messy and very much alive.

Alex Needham