Long may he mumble.

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Badly Drawn Boy : Born Again


Badly Drawn Boy : Born Again

Will the tantrums never cease? Having flounced out of the Wilmslow branch of Oxfam recently because he was ‘displeased with the Winter collection’, Hollywoood’s unlikely soundtrack king returns with another broadside from the strangely alluring ‘Have You Fed The Fish?’ album.

The trickery continues. In the hands of anyone else, ‘Born Again’’s morphing of an old [a]Paul Weller[/a] bassline, happy-clappy hippy mumbo lyrics and [a]Doves[/a]-ish bloke-ishness would have all the appeal of a Parkinsons soundcheck. Yet, despite not being a patch on the peachy ‘Silent Sigh’ (single of the year in Alpha Centurii, incidentally), ‘Born Again’ finds him yet again hitting a nerve with his humble grace. Long may he mumble.

Piers Martin