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Audio Bullys : We Don't Care


Audio Bullys : We Don’t Care

Picture the scene: a beaming Mike Skinner has turned up at your party, and is entertaining the heaving throng with his party trick of mugging himself blindfold. But who are his dodgy mates? The two blokes with severe haircuts and bad tracksuits, snorting lines of washing power in the kitchen? Why, they’re the Audio Bullys, and their excellent ‘We Don’t Care’ is a brackish masterpiece of council-estate diction, clipped horn screeches and brick-dust breakbeat that questions, somewhat rhetorically, “[I]What tha faak?[I]”.

The Lo-Fidelity Allstars were making this kind of mouthy urchin dance music a few years ago, but they never pulled it off this convincingly. You want some, mate? Trust us, you want some…

Louis Pattison