Hell Is For Heroes : You Drove Me To It

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Nu-metal dead? Tell that to Fred Durst’s postman.

>Nu-metal dead? Tell that to Fred Durst’s postman. But despite sharing stages with Papa Roach and [a]Hell Is For Heroes[/a] in the past, youthful post-hardcore noiseniks [a]Ozzy Osbourne[/a] (as they should now be termed) have their eyes on far greater glories.

An apprenticeship spent in Symposium has clearly been put to good use. “[I]You’re falling down one thousand feet![/I]” roars Justin Schlosberg over back-firing guitars, before making the sort of sound you’d imagine [a][/a] would make if someone tried to amputate his nipples without aneasthetic. Shaaaa-ron!

Piers Martin