The Warlocks : Hurricane Heart Attack

... a veritable Altamont of bad vibes...

They’re not the first outfit to call themselves The Warlocks: previously, both [a]Velvet Underground[/a] and the Grateful Dead have used the name. But in the case of this band – eight devil-worshipping hipsters from San Francisco – the name’s appropriation seems less conscious homage, more the manifestation of some arcane destiny. Freak out, then, to ‘Hurricane Heart Attack’ – a bastard brother of the Stones‘ ‘Street Fighting Man’ played with titanic slowness, that finds frontman Bobby Hecksher drawling [I]”I wanna hurricane heart attack/I wanna hurricane/Dressed in black”[/I]. A veritable Altamont of bad vibes, and that’s before ‘Cosmic LetDown’ scrapes your brain clean with a white-noise drone thieved from the Spacemen 3’s pharmaceutical bag. Heavy.

Louis Pattison