The Datsuns : Harmonic Generator

Bloody great fun

Christ knows what a harmonic generator is, but Dolf’s is on the blink so he’s got to shake it down. Bloody intermodulator’s playing up, too. What to do? Maybe call a plumber. This second single off ‘The Datsuns’ fairly shudders with old-fashioned, diesel-powered rock’n’roll. Much slower and less Deep Purplish than ‘In Love’, it’s all thumping tom-toms, slow chopping riffs and backing vocals that don’t specifically urge you to clap your hands to the left while thrusting your hips to the right, but that is the general gist.

If that sounds a bit nostalgic, this is actually double-nostalgic, referencing1970s rock that referenced the 1950s. Think hot-rods, chewing gum and greasy flicknives. Bloody great fun.

Simon Lewis