Delgados : All You Need Is Hate

...a grand, symphonic paean to humanity’s dark side...

Just like Charles Manson and Mark Chapman, The [a]Delgados[/a] are huge fans of the Fab Four. ‘All You Need Is Hate’ is an artful pastiche of ‘All You Need Is Love’ that transmutes the hemp-scented hippy good vibes of the original into a grand, symphonic paean to humanity’s dark side. “[I]You ask me what you need?[/I]” trembles Alun Woodward, “[I]Hate is all you need…[/I]”, as two triumphant chords peal out like hell’s distant bells. It’s smart and funny, yet in an age where the warmongers hog the world’s driving seat, rings sinisterly true. Exactly how the [a]Flaming Lips[/a] would sound, if Wayne Coyne were to slip off those rose-tinted glasses.

Louis Pattison