Junior Senior : Move Your Feet

...a deep hit of pure pop...

This record is so ludicrously exuberant, it should be prescribed to [a]Massive Attack[/a]. Made by two Danes who look like a trendy version of Laurel and Hardy, ‘Move Your Feet’ sounds like someone put [a]Wham[/a]’s holiday classic ‘Club Tropicana’ in a blender with [a]Avalanches[/a]’ ‘Since I Left You’ and liberally dusted the result with MDMA powder. The album’s an even bigger hoot, seeing Junior Senior hop wildly from rockabilly pastiches to ribald raps about how they fancy “chicks and dicks” (Junior’s straight, Senior’s gay, see?). But ‘Move Your Feet’ is a deep hit of pure pop sunshine, something we could certainly do with in the current climate.

Alex Needham