Hot Hot Heat : Bandages

...what pop should sound like!

OH yes! If the numbskull antics of Electric Six and The Datsuns are beginning to grate, help is at hand! And guess what, it’s from Canada! A bizarre, beautiful single, ‘Bandages’ does what all great pop music should: it puts the rest in the shade. “[I]These bandages cover more than scrapes/Cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes[/I]” groans a heartbroken Steve Bays as a reedy Vox Continental whines in the background, stainless steel drums fall down lift shafts and a guitar scrapes along a sheet-metal floor. (i)This(i) is what pop should sound like! It’s like [a]Rapture[/a] with a sense of humour impersonating [a]Talking Heads[/a]! By two minutes and twenty seconds The ‘Heat are into a goofy reggae breakdown with Steve gasping “[I]Don’t worry now/Cos it’s all under control[/I]” like a drowning man watching an Air Sea Rescue chopper disappearing into the distance. You can dance to ‘Bandages’ for sure; but you’ll be crying too.

Paul Moody