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Hot Hot Heat : Bandages


Hot Hot Heat : Bandages

OH yes! If the numbskull antics of Electric Six and The Datsuns are beginning to grate, help is at hand! And guess what, it’s from Canada! A bizarre, beautiful single, ‘Bandages’ does what all great pop music should: it puts the rest in the shade. “[I]These bandages cover more than scrapes/Cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes[/I]” groans a heartbroken Steve Bays as a reedy Vox Continental whines in the background, stainless steel drums fall down lift shafts and a guitar scrapes along a sheet-metal floor. (i)This(i) is what pop should sound like! It’s like [a]Rapture[/a] with a sense of humour impersonating [a]Talking Heads[/a]! By two minutes and twenty seconds The ‘Heat are into a goofy reggae breakdown with Steve gasping “[I]Don’t worry now/Cos it’s all under control[/I]” like a drowning man watching an Air Sea Rescue chopper disappearing into the distance. You can dance to ‘Bandages’ for sure; but you’ll be crying too.

Paul Moody