Dandy Warhols : We Used To Be Friends

Vapid? Meaningless?

The brush-off. The kiss-off. The dressing-down. “[I]A long time ago/We used to be friends[/I]” preens Courtney Taylor-Taylor, scorn slimly concealed behind a doe-eyed deadpan, “[I]But I haven’t thought of you lately at all[/I]”.

Those lovable bastards the [a]Dandy Warhols[/a] are back back back, and as ever, making you feel bad is making their day. With Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes whacking a yacht wheel onto the production desk and plotting course for the 80s, ‘We Used To Be Friends’ is a synthetic chatter of robotic handclaps and tweaky guitar fuzz, creamed off with a squeaky-clean chorus delivered in alarming falsetto: “[I]C’mon now honey/Bring it on bring it on, yeah[/I]”.

Vapid? Meaningless? Honey, whether the [a]Dandy Warhols[/a] are singing about heroin or hipster cred, it’s all about reading between the track-lines.

Louis Pattison