Fabolous : Into You

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A slow pulse covered in neck-licking sex-syrup...

Absolutely fucking brilliant in every way. Let’s begin with the cover, where Fab, clad in Persil-white sweats, lounges by a pool and allows a gorgeous young filly to swim to his side and admire his many, many diamonds. If this isn’t your idea of exactly what a record cover should be like then, in Fab’s parlance, you don’t know dick. On the track itself, a slow pulse covered in neck-licking sex-syrup, Fab is so laid back he’s practically standing on his head, but don’t cross him ladies… “Any dude wit’ you, he better be kin to you now, I ain’t jealous, it’s the principal now, I’m so into you,” he mutters with breathtaking sang-froid. Magnificently, menacingly mellow.