Four Tet : As Serious As Your Life

Olde Englishe breakbeat classic...

Hard not to love this one, particularly as it features Morris Dancing in the video. For latecomers, [a]Four Tet[/a] is the frequently spellbinding project of Radiohead‘s favourite DJ, Kieran Hebden. His love of hip-hop, ancient folk, psychedelic rock, cosmic jazz, abstract electronica and pretty much anything else that makes a warped noise has resulted in some remarkable records over the past few years. ‘As Serious As Your Life’ features all of these ingredients to a greater or lesser degree, but hinges on the kind of loping funk riff that’s oddly reminiscent of ‘Fool’s Gold’ by Stone Roses. The result is a single that’s just as pretty and inventive as Hebden’s usual business, but with a punchiness and accessibility that’s often overlooked by this indecently talented Londoner. Oh, and the CD includes a 23-minute live version that’ll pickle your mind.

John Mulvey