Eastern Lane : Feed Your Addiction

Fierce and swaggering...

Murderers, paedophiles, brilliant rock bands – it’s always the ones you wouldn’t expect. How many times does it have to happen for us to learn? Keep tabs on the meek because one day they’re gonna nail you right between the eyes…

Eastern Lane look meek. They look like they’d prefer to spend their Saturday afternoons moping around in the library digesting the classics, rather than down the park having a kick around. Or in the forest playing Doctors And Christina Aguileras with girls.

‘Feed Your Addiction’ betrays any such preconceptions. You expect it to shuffle but it kicks, screams, wails and socks you right between the eyes. The first brilliant Britpack record personifies so much of what makes British music exciting right now – a record made for thruppence in the middle of nowhere (Berwick Upon Tweed is on the English/Scottish border) yet it’s still as exciting and invigorating as anything on the White Stripes ‘Elephant’ or the new Strokes LP.

‘FYA’ builds on the promise of their debut LP ‘Shades Of Black’, smuggled out earlier this year to little fanfare. While it has moments of optimism and light it too often lives up to its macabre title (though it is worth seeking out for the majestic ‘Holy Arms’). In contrast, ‘Feed Your Addiction’ is unrelenting. Fierce and swaggering, it’s Strokes-in-a-post-pub-fisticuff guitars and how-low-can-you-go bassline is part-Television, part-Pixies yet unmistakably British. Add to that the bladder-burstingly urgent yelping of Derek Meins and you have a world-beating Single Of The Week. And to think none of them are 18 years old yet – now that’s what I call Eastern promise.

Imran Ahmed