Amplifier : The Consultancy

Monumental future-rock with its head in the clouds

[a]Amplifier[/a] are an awesome new Manc thunder trio who herald a brave new dawn of superhero music. Clearly not of this Earth, they’re still the most convincing evidence yet that rock music still has somewhere to go while recalling a time when these things were a matter of life and death.

Their first single, ‘The Consultancy’ has guitars that roar like machine guns, drums like a battering ram and a throbbing, sonorous bass that holds the whole thing together like a massive tidal wave. It’s that simple, and yet still insane enough to roar on about [I]‘the glint in the sun of an approaching tsunami!’’[/I] If pop is holding hands, indie is necking and rock is the sex, then ‘The Consultancy’ is a long rampaging buttfuck from a gang of alien sex vikings from Hell. Er, only music.

Dan Martin