Instruction : Rise Up

Power-grunge and protest rock reborn in the same song!

Not many people can do that thing with their throat where it sounds like its being ripped apart by a helicopter propeller with razorblades on the end and still hold a tune. One of those people was Kurt Cobain, and another one is Arty Shepherd from rising post-hardcore darlings Instruction. Although there’s little more sentiment to ‘Rise Up’ than its chorus of [I]‘Rise up!/Rise up!/That’s what I say!’[/I] Arty makes those words sound like the most profound and romantic thing anyone’s ever said, as a torrent of angry and angular guitars scattergun everything in his path. This is music with teeth and the brains to know the right things to destroy with them. [I]This[/I] is hardcore, and it’s coming for your larynx.