Half Cousin : Half Turn/Mrs Pilling

Welcome, friends, to the dawn of Witchrock

Even if they didn’t hail from the Orkney Islands, HalfCousin would probably still make other-worldly soundsfull of clouds and leaves and stray bits of driftwood.

Fronted by dreamy-voiced songwriter Kevin McCormack,their debut single is tousled, windswept and oddly euphoric; a shuffle of rustic reggae and faraway vocals that take a folksy shamble along a remote shoreline of the imagination. The second track ‘Mrs Pilling’ is even more off-the-map, a kind of meandering [a]Arab Strap[/a] character sketch buoyed along by drunken accordions, folksy twanging and fragmented observations on a bittersweet universe. It should all be annoyingly twee and indier-than-though, but it lodges in your brain with its lackadaisical stoner groove and a slightly unsettling air of pagan whimsy straight out of The Wicker Man. A handsome, magical sound.