Young Heart Attack : Misty Rowe

Rawk as it should be wrote

If only all heavy rock sounded as heroically

flame-grilled, trailer-trashed and glamour-bombed as

Texan swagger merchants YHA, the genre wouldn’t be

such an easy target for sublime parodyists like [a]The Darkness[/a]. In fact, the Attack are supporting The

Darkness on their latest UK tour, which just goes to

show how thin the line is between loving spoof and

kick-ass boy-girl peacock-rock anthems like ‘Misty

Rowe’. YHA know the only thing better than Men With Really Big Balls doing their best impression of Rainbow circa 1980 (ask your greasiest uncle) are Laydeez With Even Bigger Balls adding a generous shot dash of 100-per-cent proof Twisted Sisterhood to the whole big-haired metal circus. Throw in super-squiggly guitar solos played with all the wiggy abandon of prime-time Van Halen and you are on a runaway train hurtling into the heart of Rock City with no brakes. And not an ironic spandex smirk in sight.