The Glitterati : Do You Love Yourself?

Narcissistic, fame-hungry chancers. Just how we like 'em

How rock’n’roll are The Glitterati? The Glitterati are so rock’n’roll that even though we’ve only heard this single once, played drunkenly down mysterious NME scribe Eddie Smack’s crackling telephone line, it still made us put the blower on speakerphone and urinate out the window at passing nuns. And I live on the ground floor.

The Glitterati are a band who know what they want – that is, all the drugs, women, money and helicopters stardom will afford them. It sounds empty on paper, but it’s fucking revelatory on record. Coming across as a glammed-up Guns’n’Roses ‘Do You Love Yourself?’ so unapologetically loves itself that it’s practically had ribs removed so it can perform self-fellatio. Welcome to our world, The Glitterati. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Barry Nicolson