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Jonny Lives! : Tabloid Nation EP


Jonny Lives! : Tabloid Nation EP

Indeed he does live, he lives in Braehead. He listens to Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler albums when he’s driving, but hey, you can’t put a price on individuality. Yeah, great bloke my mate Jonny, but I had no bloody idea he was in a shit-cool New York City rock’n’roll band.

No, sorry! Come back! Completely different Jonny! What if we told you that this here EP was a melodious, un-garage, all-tune burst of pop-tastic frills? What if we told you that on the excellent ‘Get Steady’ frontman Jonny Dubowski manages to sound exactly like ‘Raw Power’-era [a]Iggy Pop[/a] whilst simultaneously taking the piss out of every rock chancer making their living from trying and failing to do the same? For fuck’s sake, what if we told you that our very own Mark Beaumont lends his unique handclapping skills to the power-pop sugar mountain of ‘Lost My Mind’? Thought so. We’ll just neglect to mention that the bass player used to live with Nick Valensi…