Servant : Orchestra

Bedsit underdogs bite back

[a]Servant[/a] have operated on the fringes of London’s sleaze-pop underground for so long now that it’s hard to know quite where their twisted take on life behind the twitching vintage curtains of bedsit-land will ever fit in. Long term fans, meeting in secret cabals city-wide, shrug resignedly at the prospect of seeing singer Dan Black on Top Of The Pops, much as [a]Pulp[/a] fans must have done before the zeitgeist took an unexpected detour via Jarvis’ diaries. Yet ‘Orchestra’ is one more reminder of their macabre [a]Smiths[/a]-via-[a]Prince[/a] genius. “Meet me at the cinema/You can drive me in your car/Lie in the back and stare at the planes” sighs Dan, a man who could make a trip to Sainsburys to buy toilet fluid feel like something out of Gogol. Somewhere, in a galaxy far away, [a]Coldplay[/a] is making millions running his own software company, [a]Dido[/a] is a primary school teacher in Surrey and [a]Servant[/a] are number one. We can but dream.