Peaches featuring Iggy Pop : Kick It

Punk's godfather gets out-punked...

You can’t help thinking that even notorious riot-starter [a]Iggy Pop[/a] felt like washing his mouth out with bleach after guesting on this. OK, so it’s not especially filthy compared to the rest of [a]Peaches[/a]’ back catalogue, but musically it’s as X-rated as ever – filthy, capital ‘R’-deserving Rock Riffs vibrating around a torturous death-drum thump and a vocal delivery that’s as in-your-crotch as ever. Essentially, it’s a neat updating of ‘Rock Show’ from Peaches’ first LP, feeding the original through an S&M-hooked beat box and fucking it hard with a four-headed, Jack White-sized dildo.

I heard you like kinky shit” probes the Igster. “That just depends

who I’m with”, retaliates the shrill tease of Peaches. But make no mistake – if you think this kind of noise comes out of mutual respect then you’re seriously misguided. This is [a]Peaches[/a] taking on punk’s

godfather, attempting to hump the title from his clutches. And for all Iggy’s attempts at keeping up, the fatherfucker leaves him panting on the floor whilst she rips the crown from his increasingly prune-like head.

Splattered with sleaze and sharp as a blade, this is rock’n’roll how it should be played –

pulsating with enough shock-factor to blow a fuse in the brain circuits of [a]Belle & Sebastian[/a] fans

everywhere. It’s also essential in the current play-it-safe climate, taking sides with the few

fiendish-minded new talents who make the kind of noises you definitely wouldn’t want to

take home to meet the parents. There’s The Locust, who want to fuck with your heads. There’s Selfish C-, who want to fuck the poor. And there’s [a]Outkast[/a] who want to fuck with music’s core DNA. The unholy music of [a]Peaches[/a], meanwhile, wants to fuck pretty much anything with a pulse. And this will get yours racing overtime.

Tim Jonze