Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster : Mister Mental

Here comes the epidemic...

Do you suffer from MEEEN-TAWL?!?” Guy McKnight juggerbugs like Ian Curtis trapped in a tumble-drier full of murder powder on this superb cartoonabilly return, which is a bit rich coming from the very weregoth who’s previously dressed up as a massive green wasp for kicks and expressed a desire to indulge in carnal intercourse with all of our parents. Got us worried though, so we looked up the symptoms of ‘Mental’ in the British Medical Journal (Vaguely Nonsensical Diseases Edition) and they read “twitching; fever; the concocting and weekly publication of copious jokes concerning testicles; considering Justin Timberlake cool; spasms, dribbling and gibbon-like dancing on desks at sound of thunka-thunka-thunka zombie metapunk with 60’s Batman fight music on”. We were immediately rushed to St Bart’s Ear, Nose And Indie ward for emergency surgery, but medicine’s leading experts on Mental tell us its incurable. Here comes the epidemic.

Mark Beaumont