Rapture : Love Is All

Cowbell cowboys in clang-crazy chaos. Cool

It’s got accordions in it, and in the pantheon of Great Rock Instruments, the accordion is ignominiously wedged between the zither and the piccolo. It’s got falsetto vocals pitched about seven octaves higher than Justin Hawkins, and we had hitherto agreed that, when it comes to falsettos, Justin is about as falsetto as we are willing to falsetto. And yo, we falsetto on the regular. It’s got a drummer who wakes up halfway through the song, realises that he hasn’t been earning his money and so decides that he needs to hit a cowbell really hard and really often for the remaining 77 seconds. And at the end, when all is said and done and the cake can be iced no more, somebody decides to leather a great big gong, for no other reason than that they can.

Or, to put it another way: so much more insouciantly brilliant than everything else this week that the temptation is to represent this week’s singles not as a series of reviews, but as a rudimentary drawing of The Rapture thumbing their noses at the rest of pop from atop a very high plinth. The chiming guitar riffs are so simple that a child could write them but probably wouldn’t, opting to attempt something a little more complex and experimental instead, and it’s all faintly preposterous, but when Luke Jenner squeals, [I]”Well I dig love/And just having you around”[/I] your heart will nearly burst through your chest and you will spend the last sixty seconds of this neatly distilled rapture (yes, I know that’s the name of the band, but it also happens to be the only apposite word) attempting to pogo over the moon, grinning like a complete fuckwit. Like the moment you fall in love extended over one hundred and fifty four delirious seconds.

Pete Cashmore