Performance : Dotted Line

Snotty synth disco from manky Manc matadors

I have a sneaking suspicion that if you removed the viciously sexy vocal – so rich with snot and attitude that it would be the only choice for advertising some kind of Generation X-targeted brand of nasal tissues – then this, with all its scratchy rollercoastering riffs and superfluous squiggles of drunken neon-lit disco synth, would probably sound like Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. And, for our younger readers, that is A VERY BAD THING INDEED. The fact is, though, that if ‘Dotted Line’ got any more breakneck or bulldozering in its teeth-gritted dancefloor momentum then disgruntled DJs would use it to kneecap podium dancers who rejected their sexual advances. Or something. Basically, it’s what Kraftwerk would sound like if they were 12-year-old AC/DC fans with too much Sunny Delight in their systems. And trust us when we say that is A VERY GOOD THING INDEED. Great “[I]HEY! HEY! HEY![/I]”s too.

Pete Cashmore