Stellastarr* : My Coco


The best song ever written about a clown. Conceivably...

Ah, but for the want of a letter ‘a’ this could be an ode to the delights of a proper milky nighttime drink before beddy-byes and would be single of this week and the rest of winter, obviously. Putting aside this obvious shortcoming, the New Yorkers’ tune bounds about with the charismatic enthusiasm of a discopunk Lassie. It performs a feint that it’s going to be Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’ before becoming a raucous exercise in distilled danceoid hysteria. Relentless drums stridently whack out faux-disco rhythms as Shawn Christensen unconvincingly sings like he knows what he means ([I]”Lemonade me my Co-co-co”[/I], indeed). And when it ends, you’re no wiser but you’re tired and far far happier. Time for bed.