Thirteen Senses : Thru The Glass

Truro youngsters' ace debut. Cornish tasty!...

They may bear all the tell-tale symptoms of Seasonal

Affective Indie Disorder (massive guitars, snifflesome

vocals, wanton deployment of the cagoule) but closer

inspection reveals [a]Thirteen Senses[/a] to be as far from

their panty-waist, colly-wobbling contemporaries as

something that is absolutely nothing like something

else can be. With its D-Day drums and haunting plink-plonk piano it is, in fact, Big Music with Bigger Still Vistas, an

astonishingly assured debut that does the military

two-step across the very notion of ‘reigning things in’.

“You got us in to this/so get us out of this” warbles

singer Will, nebulously. A bold allusion to Blair’s

involvement in Iraq, perchance? Or a desperate plea to

Truro Civic Theatre’s costume department from a man

unable to remove his large bird outfit following a

disastrous matinee performance of ‘Mother Goose’?

Either way, corking stuff.