Rouse, Josh : Come Back (Light Therapy)

A single for those dark nights when the anti-psychotics run out...

Yeeeeeeesssssssss. Both time-machine in CD form and yer actual aural anti-depressant, ‘Come Back’ is enough to make the cares of the indie-universe disappear without even the need for a puff of sweet smoke. “The sun is gonna shine in June/ Doctor says I’ll feel better soon” sighs Josh, and suddenly it matters not that Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri have split The Queens in a hissy fit, [a][/a] has sold ten million albums to people you actually know and Busted are at Number One with a song called ‘Who’s David?’.

‘Come Back’ is like [a]Ryan Adams[/a] on Prozac strumming tunes worthy of (sigh) Phoenix’s long lost ‘United’ album, all crooned by a hangdog indie-hearthrob from Nashville. Swoon. Is it too early to mention Glastonbury?

Paul Moody