Kraftwerk : Aerodynamik

...a sexy record...

The guidestick by which all electronic music must be judged is surely this: how fantastic would it sound if I was off my face on hallucinogenic drugs? And if you were off your chob then this would sound like pleasure-hunting sex worms burrowing sensually right into your central nervous system and then wiggling in a very nice, possibly even arousing (hell, they are sex worms after all) way. Shining shards of sepulchral synth flit in and out like ghosts – in fact, let’s make them sex ghosts, because this is most definitely a sexy record – and the chaps (in as much as a terrifying humourless cabal of Fatherlander man-automatons could be considered ‘the chaps’) do that really cool thing where they coldly intonate the name of the song every now and then, to give you something to coldly intonate along to. Basically, it’s [a]Kraftwerk[/a] doing exactly what [a]Kraftwerk[/a] do, sexily. Ausgezeichnet! It’s German, look it up.

Pete Cashmore

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