Young Heart Attack : Tommy Shots

...rather charming...

Not even a tour supporting the accursed Darkness can dampen the straightforward passions of [a]Young Heart Attack[/a], a gang of jet-powered rock’n’roll puritans from Austin, Texas. ‘Tommy Shots’ is their latest fearless attempt to channel the brute genius of [a]AC/DC[/a], with added Joan Jett-style vocals, to create a sound that’s rather charming in spite of itself. For added value, they even have a crack at an authentic [a]AC/DC[/a] tune, ‘Make It Hot’, on the B-side, and rack up the rock credibility points further by having Lemmy from [a]Motorhead[/a] sing backing vocals for them. The fact that all this excellent primitivism was produced by the bloke out of [a]Gay Dad[/a] only, perversely, makes it more entertaining still.

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