Wiley : Wot Do U Call It?

Garrrridge? Uuuurban? We were never confused...

After months of deliberation, cultural commentators are still no closer to agreeing what to call the music emanating from this ridiculously fertile east London scene. Personally I like grime, though you can pick from garage, sub-low, two-step or urban. Either way, prolific ‘eski beat’ super-producer [a]Wiley[/a]’s commercial debut, on which he mocks those pigeonholers, is no watered-down sell-out.

A gloopy gush of a nursery rhyme, ‘Wot Do U Call It?’ bubbles like boiling mud, its touch-tone melody not quite irritating enough to deter the casual listener. Frankly, this, its instrumental remixes and new track ’20 Minutes’ are bananas and sound as innovative and alien today as [a]Black Devil[/a] surely did in 1978.