22-20s : Why Don’t You Do It For Me?

Bringing the blues bang up to date...

NME Brit Pack headliners bring the blues bang up to date

Pity the [a]22-20s[/a]. Where Blind Willy Tangerine McGrubber had nowt to contend with but the odd hellhound on his trail, the Lincoln trio had a howling pack of bloodthirsty A&Rs snapping at their Converses for months. A year and a headline slot on the

NME Brit Pack Tour later, this band of young lads are perfectly primed to deliver the shock of the old. Where Bluesland is frequently inhabited by anoraks and valve-amp fetishists,

the [a]22-20s[/a] kick authenticity in the shins and slip Viagra in

the tea of chin-strokers. This marks the point when Jack White’s candy-coloured blues get licked.

James Jam