The Rakes : 22 Grand Job Trash Aesthetic

Buy, buy, BUY!...

City boy career envy, as sneered at

by poor punks

Remember your mate who moved to London only to fall into a mediocre

office job and the dull monotony of

city life? Hell, it might even be you. Anyhow, The Rakes have made a song about

the poor, ulcer-stricken, living-in-a-Shoreditch-shoebox-for-a-grand-a-month bastard. But it’s OK, you can tell your ‘mate’ that out of his over-priced, utterly yawnsome life they’ve

made something exciting! Rattly punk-by-numbers Ikara

Colt-type vocals cruise over urban surf guitar as tales of

going “down to Old Street Thursday night” and chatting

about your degree make this record pure, undiluted city

boy neurotica, except nowhere near as annoying, able to dance, and far better dressed. Buy, buy, BUY!
Leonie Copper