Auf Der Maur : Real A Lie

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Damn it Courtney, you’ve been shown up by your old compadre again, and this time you didn’t even have to put your knickers over your head. ‘Real A Lie’ – which NME initially misread as ‘Real Ale’ and believed to be an anthem to the hearty beverage that is Old Speckled Hen – is instead a heavy romp through the moody mind of a hard rock vixen. Mature as good stilton but nowhere near as mouldy, this is like a metal Stevie Nicks record if Stevie Nicks pulled the straw out of her arse and could sing. It’s the heavy girl rock we’ve been waiting for since Garbage last made a decent record – a pristine copy of which was recently excavated from a field in Coventry by the Time Team, while drinking real ale, most likely.