The Raveonettes : That Great Love Sound

Not-before-time rerelease...

Not-before-time rerelease

When this single was first released last August, it got to Number 34. “How supremely rubbish,” everyone must have thought. And yet! How also-very-fortunate: if it’d been any sort of proper hit then we might not now be treated to the wonderful Jacknife Lee ‘reworking’ of Sharin’n’Sune’s basement epic in an attempt to get the song into the public

so-called psyche. The retwiddling is remarkable and sounds even more like the contents of Phil Spector’s top secret

break-glass-in-event-of-emergency hit cupboard – surly, buoyant and utterly irresistible. Surely the elusive and mysterious netherworld of the Top 30 now belongs to [a]The Raveonettes[/a]. Next stop: the Top 28!

Peter Robinson