Goldfrapp : Strict Machine

...a solid gold, honest-to-goodness hit record...

Another not-before-time rerelease

When this single was first released last August, it got to Number 25. “How supremely rubbish,” everyone must have thought. And yet! How also-very-fortunate: if it’d been any sort of proper hit then we might not now be treated to the wonderful Benny Benassi ‘reworking’ of the ‘Frapp’s thunderous electro beast in an attempt to get the song into the public so-called psyche. Except it already is in the psyche: Cathy Dennis crowbarred it into ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’, Sam & Mark inexplicably used it for the first 16 seconds of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, and it’s even been on some advert or other.

Which means that ‘Strict Machine’ is a solid gold, honest-to-goodness hit record which should be Number One immediately. Get to work, readers.
Peter Robinson