The Duke Spirit : Dark Is Light Enough

Pass the wet wipes...

Liela Moss manages to sound surprised, confused and more than a touch disturbed during every single moment

of this single. She sweeps up all three emotions in a voice that’s seductive

and creepy in equal measures, a low rasp that

drags the goosebumps from under your skin with the simple promise/threat: “You’re in my heart”. It’s enough to freak out the rest of her band, clearly, who spend ‘Dark Is Light Enough’ trying to speed away from her with an urgent, low-slung drone that’s part krautrock cool, part lo-fi noodle-doodle.

Like The Fiery Furnaces, ,[a]The Duke Spirit[/a] are unnerving eccentrics, whispering sweet nothings while placing a deeply inappropriate hand on your knee. A fantastic, fantastic single, but you’ll want a long cold shower afterwards.

Ian Watson