The Datsuns : Blacken My Thumb


Riff heaven...

Never mind MCA, what the sweet baby Jesus has Dolf De Datsun been up to since he stumbled into garage rock fame (ie being bothered by over-eager, cord-sporting grease gurus in dank toilets)? While his snake-hipped compatriots grind out their evil boogie, he yelps, “Once again you blacken my thumb”, before concluding, “I’ll make it look good/And force a smile”. Umm, what’s that again, Rudolf? A strange domestic violence metaphor for the price of sudden success? Been doing unmentionable things with said cord-sporting acne-heads? It seems the former is closest to the truth, though with a tune this unstoppable it could be about blindfolded DIY and we’d still howl along like aroused geese. And you know what a racket those bastards make.